Timonwa Akintokun

Frontend Developer, Technical Writer, Open-source Contributor

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Who exactly is Timonwa

The short story

Hi! Call me Timonwa. I'm a/an:

  • Frontend Developer. I love to transform UIUX designs and ideas into amazing-looking and responsive websites.
  • Technical Writer. I write notes on the languages/tools used in web development. You can view these notes on my blog.
  • Open-source Contributor. I build and maintain an open-source project called Tech Roadmap and contribute to other open source projects.

(Want the long story, you can read it here.)

Her skills

These are the tools and languages I use to aid the creative workflow:

Html, CSS, Javascript, SASS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Styled-Components, ReactJs, VueJs, NextJs, Git, GitHub, VSCode, Figma, Slack, Trello, Notion, Google Docs.

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